Our People

For SCL  our people are at the basis of everything we achieve. The quality of every member of our professional team is paramount to providing our clients with the service they have come to expect from SCL.

The management team and operational staff are directly employed and issued with all of the tools necessary to carry out their duties. We take pride in all that we do and empower our people through honesty, responsibility and trust. This approach ensures that we continue to provide a loyal and dedicated workforce which, in turn, guarantees continuity and quality that our clients deserve.

Training, Competence & Professionalism

At SCL, we recognize the importance of engaging and empowering staff – our company is built on the skills and dedication of our people and therefore we make a significant investment in the development of our people. It is intended that the systematic range of training opportunities offered will provide staff with the necessary knowledge, skills and aptitude to carry out their jobs effectively, safely, increase their motivation and job satisfaction.

SCL recognizes that staff is its most valuable asset and will therefore undertake to provide full training assessments as part of the Appraisal Process resulting in all staff having a Personal Development Plan. Staff will be offered appropriate training within allocated budgets to enable them to undertake their responsibilities

With a focus on continual improvement and with a desire to learn, our operatives attend various internal and external  training courses throughout the year in order to improve their work knowledge and to offer the best service to industry.


IT: Technology and Systems in place

SCL developed a bespoke IT system which can be fully integrated into our client organisations and utilised on a day to day basis. It has been developed in house, by our IT manager based on our experience of using various operating systems within the construction industry and adapted to streamline our service.

This flexible IT system brings a tailored approach which helps improve delivery, enhance our teams working environment and creates added value for our clients.

Through our IT system, we remove potential hurdles with our unique and flexible approach to make the SCL experience an enjoyable and stress-free partnership environment for a fruitful business relationship.


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