SCL is a construction management business specialized in delivering  support in matters of management at all levels.

Through our passion for continuous professional development, with over 20 years of combined construction experience on senior management as well as directory role, we had the ambition to start a family business by providing management consultancy support for small and medium businesses, contractors and individuals.

Our expertise brought us to the top of a competitive market through sheer knowledge use, experience put at work and wise decision making skills. A partnership with SCL – what your business requires.


Our mission

SCL aims to provide the highest quality of work within the construction industry. With each project it’s all about aiming higher and focus on improving to perfection our every aspect of work flow, decision expertise, and so on.

We intend and manage to achieve a good collaboration with all our customers by providing high standards of delivery and to build good relations and reputation in the construction sector – our range of premium delivered services and satisfied clients stands as a testimony to our ever growing ambitions coming to fruition.



Our clients are always advised on accurate requirements for key decisions to be made. This information is then compiled into a register of contract information – we thoroughly review the contractual position and ascertain entitlements, producing a summary report with proposed actions and responsibilities towards the benefit of our client.

Having many accreditations under its belt, SCL is all about being a quality choice for all the right reasons: professionalism, experience, efficiency, drive for perfection, attention to detail and the knowledge of all specific know hows in the business. Our qualifications, clients and portfolio are proof of quality at work. Join us, partner up with us and let us make good on our promise of delivering efficient service to our Clients.

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